Donkey Reunites With His Owner After Quarantine In Spain

A man in El Borge, Spain was reunited with his beloved donkey after being separated for more than two months due to the pandemic.


The video showed the donkey and its owner meeting each other after the quarantine in Spain caused them to be apart from one another for 60 days due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Ismael, owner of the donkey posted the video on his Facebook which was shared widely by people in their groups and social media.

Ismael can be seen reaching the hillside where the donkey is located on the farm and as he called it near the gate, the donkey comes close to him and he caresses it.

There are many emotional scenes like this being shared on social media of people reuniting with their pets after the lockdown caused them to stay away from them to prevent the pandemic from spreading.

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