Talented African Grey Parrot Plays Piano Like A Pro

A grey African parrot was filmed playing the piano in an adorable video.

Parrot plays piano

The parrot has become popular on the Internet as a video shows it playing the piano with its beak.

African grey parrots are not only great talkers but are known to be extremely intelligent birds. In fact they are known to be among the most talented mimicking birds on the earth. They’ve got quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts. The records of these birds date back to biblical times.

Today this talented bird is entertaining all of us with a heartwarming piano performance.

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Obviously, he’s a beginner.

Karen Lester

Good for a beginner, an so cute.


I’ve seen Einstein on the internet and on late night tv. They are extremely intelligent as stated and have a sense of humor. What is this birds name? Thank you for sharing this wonderful Grey!

I have a nephew who is a bird enthusiast and would love to see him add an African Grey to his family of birds.

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