Sleepy Dog Hugs And Leans Against Mom’s Shoulder In Sweet Video

Dogs are like little children, they also want mom’s protection and something warm and snuggly to snooze in.

dog sleeps on owners hand

A video of a sleepy dog hugging and leaning against his human’s shoulder while traveling together is going viral on social media.

The proud mom gives him a little peck on the forehead, and then the dog looks at her like a child looking at a mom. As if to say “stop mom you’re embarrassing me”

This is true love, you can see it in the pup’s eyes. It is well known that dogs can’t help falling in love with their loving owners.

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is one of the sweetest dog breeds, a Pit Bull. It’s just more proof how loving these dogs are! They love to snuggle and the Pittie has the best zoomies too! Pit Bulls aren’t dangerous but some of the owners are!

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