Gang Of Dogs Wait Outside Hospital For Homeless Owner Who’s Being Treated Inside

An emerging story from Brazil is warming the hearts of thousands of social media users worldwide.

A homeless man in Rio do Sul, South Brazil, used to feed his own food to stray dogs without expecting anything in return.

But when he fell sick and needed emergency treatment, the faithful dogs made sure he didn’t feel all alone.


Nurse Cris Mamprim and her colleagues witnessed the incredible show of solidarity by the man’s furry friends after the homeless man, known only as César, arrived at the emergency room of Hospital Regional Alto Vale.

It was César’s first time at this hospital, and Mamprim and the other nurses were not familiar with his condition or his background.

They were taken aback to see four canine strays at the entrance of the hospital.

Mamprim shared a photo of them on Facebook, saying, “I came across this scene today. At the hospital where I work, at 3 a.m., while their owner (who lives on the street) was being treated, his companions waited at the door.”


Mamprim added, “A simple person, without luxury, who depends on help to overcome the hunger, the cold, the pain, the evils of the world, has by his side the best companions, and the exchange is reciprocal. An exchange of love, affection, warmth, understanding. A person who confessed to us that he stops eating to feed them.”

She continued, “They are all well taken care of and chubby.” The faithful canines were anxiously anticipating César’s safe return. Fortunately, the animals reunited with their owner in no time.


The staff allowed the dogs inside after treating the man and even offered some food to César.

“Believe me, he ate some and saved a bit to give the dogs later,” Mamprim recalled. She said that after an hour, the man and his four dogs left the hospital, their tails happily wagging.

“I do not know what his life is like, or why he’s on the street, but I admire the respect and love he has for his little animals,” Mamprim concluded.

“Seeing them like this, waiting at the door, just shows how well they are cared for and loved. Oh, if everyone was like this… if there was no evil or mistreatment.”

No wonder Mamprim’s post went viral with more than 136,000 reactions and over 24,000 comments.

Even though Cesar may be homeless, he is still showing the world that he has a lot of room in his heart for his furry animals. Those of us who have big homes should learn a valuable lesson from him today.


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Deborah Mason
Deborah Mason

This was such a heartwarming story. I pray this man continues to get the help he needs for himself and his beloved doggie friends. Everyone could learn from this.
God bless everyone who chooses to read this story.