Virtual Choir Sings Uplifting A Cappella Rendition Of ‘Down In The River To Pray’

Virtual Choir Schola Diffusa performs a beautiful uplifting rendition of the old Gospel song, ‘Down In The River To Pray.’


We love the harmonious singing among the ladies and men who sound just like a heavenly choir.

We especially app[reicate the gentlemen singing bass who are doing a wonderful job and even the descant was wonderful.

The Story behind ‘Down to the river to pray’

This traditional American gospel song was first published in 1867, titled ‘The Good Old Way’. In 1880, another version of the song was published titled ‘Come, Let Us All Go Down’.

Research says it may have been composed by an African-American slave.

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way!

The phrase “in the river” is significant, because it has always been sung at outdoor baptisms, and another reason is that many slave songs contained coded messages for them to help them run away from their masters. When the slaves escaped, they would walk in the river which would cover their scent from the bounty-hunters dogs.

O sisters, let’s go down,
Let’s go down, come on down
O sisters, let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

Today as Virtual Choir Schola Diffusa sings this powerful song, ‘Down in the River to Pray’ we feel encouraged as it reminds us that we too can escape from every bad situation, when we pray and seek the Lord.


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