Family Dining Discovers Drone and Note With Desperate Plea for Help

When Brian Telford took to the skies with his drone, he wasn’t expecting a night of adventure and human connection. For Telford, flying his drone was about capturing stunning images of rural landscapes for his work in real estate photography. Little did he know that one evening, his drone would become his lifeline.

drone rescues stranded man

Telford’s routine flight took an unexpected turn when his truck got stuck in the snow. As he struggled to free himself for over an hour, an ingenious idea struck him. With limited options, he sent his trusty drone on a mission for help.

“I just figured, ‘Hey, this is worth a shot, I think this is a good idea.’ Smarter than it would have been for me to try to get out,” Telford later explained.

Meanwhile, in the quiet town of Fairview, the Taylor family was settling down for dinner. Their evening took an unusual twist when they spotted a drone hovering outside their window.

“I noticed a flight path like a drone, and I was like, ‘That’s a drone out the window. Dad, there’s a drone out the window!'” Trenton Taylor recalled.

Reacting swiftly, Trenton’s father, Abe, sprang into action, using his granddaughter’s scooter to bring down the drone. What followed was a mix of excitement and confusion as they discovered a note attached to the drone—a desperate plea for help.

“It explained to us, ‘Can you please help? I’m in my truck stuck in the snow, I’m wheelchair-bound and cannot back out,'” Abe recounted.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Abe and Trenton didn’t hesitate to assist. Setting out into the snowy night, they located Telford and his stranded truck.

“The fact that they were coming over, I was like, ‘Oh, this is good, I can breathe better,'” Telford expressed his relief.

With teamwork and determination, the Taylor family managed to pull Telford’s truck to safety using their side-by-side and chains.

“People are out there that are willing to come out of their way to come out in the dark and snow and lend a hand,” Telford expressed his gratitude.

What began as a strange encounter ended in a heartwarming display of kindness and solidarity. For the Taylors, helping Telford was not only fulfilling but also a testament to the goodness in people.

“Brian turned out to be a great guy, of course, there’s a gentleman dedicated to his craft,” Abe remarked. “To be able to help him out was very gratifying.”

As for Telford’s drone, it continues to soar high, a silent witness to the remarkable bond formed on that snowy night.


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  1. A stark reminder that our precious God is with us wherever we are, thanks to the folks who answered the 0lea for help. God knows who we need and when we need them!

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