Good Samaritans Helps Elderly Woman Fulfill Dying Husband’s Wish To Surf One Last Wave

Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than the feeling of ticking off your bucket list, item by item. An elderly man with dementia was able to have a memorable experience at the beach thanks to the efforts taken by his wife.


The lady wanted her husband to have a good time at the beach and so she got a group of young men to help them both out. Ryan Giancola was one of the young men, he posted a video on his Twitter of the moment they helped the elderly man go for a ride at the beach.

Giancola wrote on Twitter, “Yesterday an elderly lady came up to us at the beach and asked if we could help fulfill her [husband’s] wish to ride a wave one last time, she said that he is suffering from dementia and most likely has a year to live. What and amazing experience and on my birthday none the less!”

It’s no surprise that the tweet went viral and got thousands of comments, shares and likes, with many praising what the boys did and also sharing their own experiences. “I can’t thank you enough for doing that!” one person said. “I can say from experience that it meant as much to his wife (in the never-ending, tumultuous role as care giver) as it did to him. TY for restoring my faith in humanity.”

What a fine group of young boys they are who went all out to help the lady fulfill her husband’s wishes, they are an inspiration to the younger generation.

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