Dying Man Records His Final Words About Faith In God

This is one of the most moving videos we have ever seen. A video made by a dying man right before he passed away from cancer where he recorded his final words about God and his love for Him is warming hearts all over the country. (Scroll down for the video)


Steve Schultz was in a fight with cancer, and had been hospitalized for the last five weeks of his life. During the last few days of his life, doctors sent him home with pain medication so that he could spend it with his family. “If the Lord decided to take me within a soon amount of time, it’ll be important to not blame God for the struggling that maybe you’ve seen me go through. I don’t want that. This isn’t God’s will,” Steve says while lying down and speaking into a camera.


He says, “God is love. His very essence is love. His very essence. It’s who He is…is love. I just ask that you wouldn’t blame God for any of this. God doesn’t tempt any man, but He’s good. He’s a good God.”

He goes on to speak about God’s plan and that he wants to submit to the Lord’s ways, “God has a plan that’s much bigger than my plan,” he explains. “And I raise my hands and I say, ‘Whatever your will is Lord.’ That’s what we want to do.“ He speaks about his life, saying, he has a new appreciation for it, “Just the blessing that it is,” he says.


Steve tells those listening to him, to build up friends around, as it’s so important, since the Bible tells us that there’s safety in the multitude of counselors and that’s where we need to be. It’s important to have those counselors who can help us when they see us slipping in life.

He may have been only 47 when he died, but he lived a life full of the things of God, as he ends the video saying, “Walk after, hard after the Lord. He’s good. He’s awesome,” he ends.

Steve has shared an important message from God with all of us and we believe that today he is with the Lord, may his last words speak to each and every one of us, and may we walk in the ways of the Lord.


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