Puppy On The Brink Of Death Receives Second Chance At Life

This dying puppy’s rags to riches story is going to melt your heart.

Jenny Desmond saw a dying pup on the side of the road in the year 2016, and she immediately decided to save it’s life, and take it to the nearby chimpanzee sanctuary that she operates with her husband.

Her husband is a vet started the treatment of the pup, the pup was undernourished and very weak, but by the next day, it was drinking water and by the fifth day it was walking and jumping with all it’s open wounds getting healed and as he was biting it they put a collar on for him.

The Desmond’s named the pup Snafu, and looked after him and  after a year the pup was with them in New York, looking all grown up and the picture of health.

They then took Snafu to Colorado to live with Jenny’s sister and her family.

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