Elementary School Gives ‘Superhero’ Crossing Guard Car And Money After He Can’t Go To Work

There are unsung heroes everywhere, in our community, soldiers, hospitals. These ordinary people who make our lives so much better often don’t get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Wallace Peoples, a 62 year old who has worked at Sherwood Forest Elementary School as a crossing guard for two years is one such unsung hero. He is popularly known as “Mr. Peoples” he says, “They are my kids,” of the kids which he helps safely cross the street each day. He adds, “I take it very seriously, safety.”

Students and parents are aware of his sincerity and one mom says, “He’s looking out for everyone. The kids, the parents. He doesn’t miss a beat.” A student Isabel Assouline says about him, “He’s just extraordinary, and adds, “He helps all of us and keeps us safe, and we all love him.”

It was in December last year when his car had broken down, and couldn’t go to work and he says he even had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital. So when a parent of Sherwood Forest Elementary, Sloane Johnson, heard about it, she wrote a post on her Facebook asking for some help for Mr People’s.

Johnson was amazed at the help which poured in, she says, “Within a span of two hours, we had $800 raised and a car donated by another parent.”

Unaware that help was on it’s way, Peoples arrived in a borrowed ride at Sherwood Forest Elementary parking lot and was under the impression that he was there to work out a deal to purchase an old beater. But instead, he was greeted by crowds of students and parents who held signs and cheered him.

Johnson presented Peoples with his new, donated SUV and a check for $2,500. Peoples said emotionally, “Now I know they care,” and added, “It’s good to know that people care.”

Now Peoples says he is going to come to school even more earlier than usual in his new ride and will never leave the families of Sherwood Forest Elementary School.

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