Good Samaritans Saves Orphaned Baby Elephant From Drowning In A River

A 10 days old baby elephant is rescued by volunteers in Africa and the orphaned baby elephant is now sheltered at Sea World & Bush Gardens!When the river was overflowing and had deadly crocodiles to cross over, the team was compassionate enough to get into the dangerous situation to rescue this helpless animal!

Julie Scardina of the Seaworld & Busch Gardens Conversation Fund visits Kathie Lee, Hoda and John Cena and narrates the stories of each animal they have rescued!  She was happy to introduce each member to her audience, a full grown screech owl, a sloth and an echidna (a spiny anteater). Their amazing missions in saving the abandoned animals from various circumstances are truly appreciable.

She shared about their their latest addition, a baby elephant being rescued from a river and the video footage of its rescue is the loveliest show¬† you’ll ever witness! Seeing such great act of kindness will encourage us going ahead and extending a helping hand to their entire mission team!