‘Jesus Never Stopped His Pursuit Of Me’: Ex-Drug Addict Gave Her Life To Jesus This Pandemic Thru A Church That Remained Open

The Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario, remained open for people who needed help. Jennifer Scott, an ex-drug addict, gave her life to Christ through the help of this church this pandemic season. She has proven that “Jesus never stopped His pursuit of me.”


I know for a fact I’d be dead right now if God had not used this church in my life,” Jennifer said. “I was a slave to darkness,” she added. “I grew up going to church, but I wasn’t saved.”

She gave her testimony about how Christ has changed her moments before publicly declaring her faith through water baptism. She recalled, “Before Christ, I was a very angry person, filled with fear, doubt, and self-pity. I was constantly seeking avenues of filling the hole in me that only Jesus can fill.” She added, “I was very promiscuous, hateful, bitter, controlling, and plagued with addictions. I believe abortion was okay and is a reasonable form of birth control.”

She went on to say that she started drinking and using drugs at the age of 14. She encountered Christ last 2015 when she was so down because the father of her son took him away from her. She had backslidden, and just recently, she was “smoking and shooting 7 grams of cocaine a day.”

Her son invited her to come to a prayer meeting at Trinity Church lately. She asked her small group to pray for her to stop her sinful ways. She was watching Ptr. Jacob and she “left a comment on one of Ptr. Jacob’s sermons on YouTube. Ptr. Jacobs took the time to find out who I was…called me and prayed for me and encouraged me to keep coming to church.” Different people in the church prayed for her. She kept coming back, and lo and behold! She has been “clean and sober” for seven months now.

She moved into her new apartment, and the people in the church helped provide pieces of furniture and other things she needed.

“None of these things would have happened if Trinity closed its doors and was solely online,” she gratefully stated.

Jeniffer summed up her journey in these words: “Jesus continued to pursue me.” After meeting Him, she was asked what had changed in her. She answered, “I am not crippled by fear anymore. Even though I have backslidden, Jesus never stopped his pursuit of me. He literally left the 99 to save the one. He has saved me again, and again, and again.”

Jesus will never get tired of pursuing us again, and again, and again. He uses the church–the people of God, to be channels of His love to those who have already lost hope, like Jennifer.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10

Watch: Jennifer Scott’s Full Testimony


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