Family Has Adopted 88 Special Needs Kids in the Past Four Decades

When the couple Michael and Camille Geraldi met at the Miami Children’s Hospital in 1973, they realized God wanted them to care for kids. Camille was working as a nurse and Michael, a pediatrician dedicated their lives to look after the kids with special needs and those who are abandoned by their parents.

Michael offered his service free of cost for the families with low-income, Camille spent late nights at the hospital taking care of children with special needs. Two years later, the couple got married, then they started adopting the disabled orphans from the hospital.

The children were diagnosed with most of the health conditions, from autism to cerebral palsy, facial deformities to Down syndrome. But Michael and Camille loved them all like their own children. By the time, the devoted couple had adopted 18 children. God blessed them with three kids of their own.

The couple started a nonprofit called the Possible Dream Foundation to help finance their children’s treatment, education, rehabilitation, work training and futures. Over the last four decades, this amazing couple have become the legal guardians of 88 special needs children and adults. Last year, Michael passed away followed by cancer, but 68 years old Camille still has a spirit for taking care of the children in need!

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