Patriotic Delivery Man Corrects Order Of Stars And Stripes Pillows After Dropping Off Package

A FedEx delivery man is being hailed a ‘patriot’ after he was captured on camera flipping a set of stars and stripes pillows at a Ohio font porch.


The man was seen swapping the pillows when he spotted them being out of order, the stripes pillow was to the left of the stars when it should have been reversed.

Jackie Szabo said she saw the man fixing the pillows on the security camera. She shared the heartwarming footage to Facebook and said, “When the FedEx guy puts the stars before the stripes.”

The video has got more than 1.9 million views. She says the gesture was “sweet” and “extra special” to her, because her son is “an Airborne Soldier and a veteran in U.S. Army.”

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