Firefighter Fixes House For Elderly Woman After Responding To A Life Alert Pendant’s False Alarm

An elderly woman in Washington had her house fixed and made over by a firefighter who was dispatched earlier to her house when she accidentally activated her emergency “life alert” pendant.


Brandon Huber, a firefighter of Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue got to know Elsie after the false alarm incident and learned that she mowed her own yard even in her 90s and her house was old and in a rough condition needing some makeover. So he wanted to help further.

“A larger and more visible calling pushed him to do more than just mow the lawn,” Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue shared on Facebook. “The chipped paint and old wood shingles were in dire need of a makeover.”

Posted by Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue on Monday, 22 August 2022


With the help of his four sons and funds from a local not for profit organization called Fire 7, he took up the task of cleaning and painting the house, completely transforming the place in four days.

“[The house] was in rough shape, mostly wood and almost no paint,” Huber said. “It needed some love.”

Posted by Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue on Monday, 22 August 2022


Elsie said: “Nobody asked him to do this. He has four kids and works 24-hour shifts, but he did this on the side and it’s amazing. It changed my life!”


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