FedEx Driver Responds To The Call Of God, Returns To Pray For A Lady 20 Stops Later

In today’s hectic world, people don’t have time for even their own families leave alone strangers, but one young woman with a heart to serve God and people is making a huge change.

Amanda Riggan, works hard both as a FedEx driver and runs “Hungry Heroes,” which is a mission to encourage others and thank local heroes by making them food, according to it’s website, “Thanks to the amazing support from the community and local businesses, Hungry Heroes has been able to serve over 600 heroes throughout York County and surrounding areas since it was founded in April 2018.”

Posted by Amanda Riggan on Saturday, January 5, 2019

The website further says, “Feeding 1st Responders one agency at a time — we serve those who serve and protect us as our way to show our appreciation to Police, Fire, EMS, and Military. Serving BBQ with a ‘Thank You.’”

Amanda was recently on a personal mission when she got an opportunity to bring comfort to a woman who desperately needed it, the clip has since been shared on her Facebook.

According to Amanda, she was on her usual trip delivering boxes, when one lady walked out of her house as she was checking her mailbox for her newspaper. She had 2 boxes for her, and as they were walking up the driveway together, the lady asked Amanda how she had spent the holidays, and she told her that she had a really great Christmas and New Years, and asked her the same. The lady was in tears as she said it wasn’t good, because her husband had cancer.

So Amanda tried to divert the subject and then delivered her package to her, the lady then asked her, her name, and she said ‘Amanda,’ and she told her, her name as well.

Posted by Amanda Riggan on Friday, December 7, 2018

Amanda drove off from there and did 20 more stops, but then she felt nudged to go back to the lady, which was a difficult thing to do as that meant she would not be able to complete her work for the day, but God had put on her heart something much more important than that to do.

Amanda says, “I stopped what I was doing. I went back to that neighborhood, and rang her doorbell, and asked her — she came down the stairs, she had tears in her eyes when she saw it was me, she smiled, and I said ‘Ma’am can I pray with you?’ And she just broke down. She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight.”

Riggan has an important message for all those who want the Lord to use them, she says, “The point of this is, is a lot of people want the Lord to use them, and for me — as an example, I pray every day for the Lord to use me, but when He’s trying to use you or when you feel that call, and that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet? Do you move?” She adds, “When you feel those tugs on your heartstrings, and you feel like you need to do this, stop and do it.”


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