Man Collects Scraps For 32-Years To Raise Money For Charity

For more than 32-years, Georgia native Johnny Jennings has been collecting every penny and scrap of paper. He then donates the money he receives from its recycling to help abused and abandoned children. The 86-year-old has raised over $400,000 for Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries since he started his venture in 1985. This man resold 9 million pounds of paper in 32 years and has saved 79,000 trees.

When Jennings was 18-years-old, he visited the Georgia Baptist Home for Children in Ringgold, Georgia with his church mate. While they were about to leave, three little boys grabbed his legs and asked him if he would be their daddy. “‘I’m going to do what I can as long as I can for the Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes.” Jennings said. Since then this kind-hearted man has been donating to the organization every year.