Former Drug Addict Hands Out Free Food To People In Need

One man is making a difference in the lives of people by feeding them food on Edmonton’s 118th Street in Canada while wearing a ‘Not Today Satan’ t-shirt.


Dale Desjarlais and a small team of volunteers are making a big impact as they hand out food and drinks to needy people. “When people are getting fed I feel happy because I know how it feels to be hungry or have to go without food for two, three days,” Desjarlais said.

Desjarlais says he has been doing this for two years in the downtown area mostly. After he gets paid from his work, he comes to the streets on Saturday and spends his money to buy and make bannock and soup and hands it out along with other food people have donated.

This act of kindness stems from Desjarlais’ own painful past where he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction after he was physically and sexually abused as a kid. He wants to reach out to other people who are struggling.

Although the resources are little and it’s not enough for all the people in need, according to the volunteers, they are continuing the good work. “I’ve been there and I will never forget where [help] came from,” said Cheryl Williams, who’s been helping Desjarlais over the last year.

She adds, “It doesn’t matter what level of the ladder you’re on, people need people, and we need to strive for that support and that unity as a community.”

As for Desjarlais. he said his faith helped him heal and now he is hoping that by sharing food with others, it will help them heal. “From where I came from 25 years ago, I had lots of hate and anger, and I don’t want to go back there,” he said.

Desjarlais adds, “When I see the homeless and how they’re out of it, and the people that are struggling, that don’t have God … I feel sorry for them.” He said people are very grateful for the extra food.

“They say ‘thank you and ‘God bless you and ‘you’re doing a good job.’ And … I say, ‘no, Jesus loves you guys. It’s not me. I’m just His hands and His feet.'” Desjarlais says he has no plans to stop doing what he’s doing as others are being inspired by him to do it themselves in Edmonton’s downtown.


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