Firefighters Find Unconscious Dog During Fire, Carries Him Down 15 Floors And Saves His Life

A daring rescue of a husky by firefighters and animal control officers took place after a high-rise apartment building caught fire at Virginia Beach.

firefighter carries husky

The Virginia Beach Fire Department reported that the fire was at an apartment building on 34th Street and Pacific.

The 15th floor was ablaze with fire and the dog was unconscious when a firefighter found him.

They immediately got him oxygen after they finished carrying him down 15 floors to the street.

The husky, named Igor became alert and responsive and was taken to Bay Beach Vet Hospital for further treatment.

Today one of our rookies, Officer Frye (in photo) and Officer McQueen responded to 205 34th St. for a fire on the 15th…

Posted by Virginia Beach Animal Control on Sunday, 6 June 2021

His owners were later notified and he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Darlene Khan
Darlene Khan

God bless the firefighters for saving Igor….beautiful dog.


Just makes me mad that the owners left their dog behind in the first place.

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