Firefighters Help Family After Car Runs Out Of Gas On Way To Hospital

Firefighters and policemen never cease to amaze us as they always go above and beyond the call to help common people out of tricky situations.

Hernando County firefighters helped a family on their way to the hospital after their car ran out of gas near the intersection between Cortez Boulevard and Fort Dade Avenue. The family dialed 911 to call for help, and paramedics and firefighters responded and helped transport them to the hospital.


“They kind of thought, ‘What would we do if it was my family or a friend of ours?’ And helped them out in any way that they could,” said Deputy Chief Jim Billotte with Hernando County Fire Rescue.

The firefighters did not stop at that but even helped the remaining family members who did not have money, gas and had a tire losing air. The firefighters paid to fill up the family’s gas tank and also took care of the tire.

“The remaining family didn’t have any way of getting fuel so our firefighters took it upon themselves to go ahead and push the vehicle approximately a quarter mile to a local gas station,” said Deputy Chief Billotte.

“We encourage our firefighters to take that extra step and take care of people. It’s what we’re all about,” said Deputy Chief Billotte. “Puts a smile on your face when you see guys willing to go that extra mile to take care of people,” he added. These firefighters are role models to the society where kindness and generosity is becoming a rare phenomenon.

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