Police Officer Touched By The Thoughtful Note Written By A Landscaper

A landscaper who offered to adjust times to accommodate a police officer’s sleep time is melting hearts all across the country.

Rodney Green, owner of Green lawn Maintenance in Moody, Alabama, noticed that a police car was always parked in the next door neighbor’s driveway in the middle of the day.

Green decided to leave a note in the mailbox saying, “I realized this morning that every time I have cut the yard next door, your patrol car is in the drive,” he wrote on a blank invoice. “If you will call me, I will adjust my cut time to accommodate your sleep schedule.”

When Sgt. Reece Smith of Moody Police Department returned home and found Green’s note in his mailbox, he was touched by Green’s thoughtfulness and decided to share the note on Facebook, saying it has restored his faith in humanity.

“It brightened my day up,” Sgt. Smith wrote, “I thought it was just a great gesture of kindness, really. It was him being a normal citizen and being kind.”

Green has worked nights so he says he knows the difficulty of being awake while the rest of the world is asleep, but he did not think of all of that when he left the note in Sgt. Smith’s mailbox.

Smith and Green hope that this story will impact many people to be more kind and compassionate to others, “This should be common place,” Green said, “It should be so normal that no one even looked at that note a second time.”

“If you want to live in a world like that,” he continued. “Maybe you should walk down the street to go help that older lady with her groceries. Volunteer with a small local charity. If you stop and look around you can help get America back to not locking our doors. It just takes helping / being kind to one person at a time.”

Our hearts are touched by Green’s act of kindness towards police officer Smith, this story has firmed our belief that our world has still got good and kind people left in it.


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  1. What a thoughtful, gracious neighbor who thought of a way to give back to a police officer who is serving he and his neighbors daily at his job.!
    may God protect you each day as you protect our community!

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