High School Boy Lets Best Friend With Cerebral Palsy Make The Big Announcement Of His Football Signing

People think that those with disability cannot do much, but students in Hanahan High School chose to differ with that and did the unthinkable.

Tight end Cooper Dawson chose to play football at Syracuse University and let his friend Kingsley Feinman make the big announcement. These best friends became closer over the last year as Dawson was recovering from a knee injury which resulted in him missing his senior season at Hanahan High School.

Feinman, who has cerebral palsy has encouraged Dawson because of his positive attitude and did not let him have a pity party as he recovered from his torn ACL. Dawson said, “If he can come around every day with this big ol’ smile on, I can do it just the same.”

This resulted in Dawson and Feinman becoming really close to each other and even included movies and even a prom date of sorts. So when signing day came, Dawson decided to make Feinman a big part of it which is so heartwarming.

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