This Couple’s 53-Year Love Story Will Leave You In Tears

True love is a very precious thing and those who are fortunate to experience that are really blessed.

Andrew Augustus’s beautiful love story shared on the internet has really moved us to tears today.

He met his wife more than 50 years ago in London, he is originally from Dominica.

The romance was indeed hard as he is a black man and she a white woman, but it has endured and lasted for a lifetime.

He says his wife had beautiful wavy hair and was very beautiful and so the two began dating and after six months, Doreen became pregnant.

When Doreen broke the news to her family about Andrew and the baby, they were very upset.

They told their parents after their daughter Penny was born and they were forceful to them and told them to keep their baby in adoptive care to which they point blank refused.

Doreen’s parents eventually gave in as they recognized Andrew’s strong work ethics and love for their daughter

After the child was a grownup, Doreen tried to find someone to take care of her so that she could start working again, but nobody agreed as taking care of a mixed race child was considered a lowly job. So Doreen ended up being a stay at home mom while Andrew worked hard to bring in the money.

With decades of careful spending and hard work, they were able to buy their own place in London and also had another child-a boy and managed to send both their kids to a private school.

The Augustus family used to get rude stares and dirty comments because of their unusual pairing, but they threw care to the winds and held on to each other because of the deep love and commitment to one another.

Doreen became very ill towards the end and Andrew, the faithful husband that he was, took care of her till her last breath, just as he had promised her.

Wow! we have goose bumps all over reading their story and send all our love to Andrew to help him and his family get over their immense loss.

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Love is colour blind.
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