High School Football Team Kneels After Every Game to Sing ‘Ave Maria’

In sunny Southern California, the young football team from St. Joseph Academy, known as the Crusaders, are causing a stir on social media, not just for their skills on the field but for their united chorus of “Ave Maria” in Latin, sung after every game. This classical Catholic school in San Marcos has adopted a tradition that sees them giving all their victories and tributes to God, aiming to glorify Him in everything they do.

football team sings ave maria

This season, the Crusaders initiated this inspiring tradition, firmly believing their success, both on and off the field, stems from steadfastly holding on to their beliefs and giving all the glory to God. Captains Isaac and Andrew, expressing their team’s sentiments, mentioned, “We did the father-son jersey ceremony, and after that, a teammate, Paolo, had this amazing idea to sing something to the Blessed Mother after our games, as a way of consecrating all our actions back to God.”

This young team is not just about winning games; they are about honoring their faith and their commitment to God. They resonate with a profound bond, primarily rooted in their shared faith. Isaac shared, “It’s made, I think, everyone on the team a better Catholic, and it’s done some great things for our brothers and their spiritual journeys as well.”

Indeed, their jerseys bear the acronym AMDG, a Latin phrase, “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,” translating to “all for the greater glory of God,” reflecting their spirit and resolve to live their faith.

John Murray, the athletic director and assistant coach, fully supported this enriching tradition, emphasizing its significance in enhancing the bond among team members and fostering their spiritual growth. Andrew, one of the captains, warmly stated, “We really encourage everyone to develop their own traditions on their team, because our Lord needs us, as young men and young women, to be the light of the world.”

In a world often centered around competition and winning, the Crusaders illuminate the path of faith and unity. Their heartfelt rendition of “Ave Maria” and their devotion to glorifying God through their actions inspire many. They hope other teams, programs, captains, and coaches will start traditions of their own and glorify God through amazing sports like football.

The organization Virtue=Strength, which has teamed up with the Crusaders, also echoed this sentiment, “Imagine if every Catholic school team honored our Lord and our Blessed Mother in some different ways before and after games. Be the light!”

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16