Man Frees A Helpless Fox With Its Head Stuck In A Box

It’s a day of liberation for this animal with a box stuck in its head. This kind man freed the helpless fox from this uncomfortable situation.


This helpful man saw this small animal wandering around, roaming in a desert-like area. It has a milk carton on its head and a plastic-like item wrapped around its neck. The small animal seemed frightened and confused because it could not see where it was heading because of the obstruction.

The animal lover took matters into his hands and patiently observed the fox. He slowly advanced toward it and held its head. He slowly ripped off the milk carton. He created an opening to free its head from the box. Once released, the fox tried to run away. However, it still had a plastic-like item on its neck, which could strangle him. This kind man gently removed it to completely free it from all obstructions.

The petite fox struggled to free itself from the man’s hands and quickly ran away. It must have been so fulfilling for this gentleman to see the fox running free again.

This is a reminder that we need to be responsible for disposing of our trash to ensure that everyone-animals and men, can freely and safely enjoy life.


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