Aspiring Barista Hands Out Free Coffee To Essential Workers Out Of Home Window

An aspiring barista is spreading joy in the neighborhood by serving up piping hot free coffee to essential workers.


Ben Ramirez sits at his open window located in a prime location and hangs a sign outside saying “Free Coffee.”

As soon as he sees a mail carrier or healthcare worker walking by, he offers his services. He says he has the advantage of location and resources to make it happen.

“I’ve always wanted to do something out of this window,” Ramirez said.

He practices social distancing by using a toy gorilla hand, to pass out the coffee. “Keep my distance from people with this little guy… It’s how I deliver coffee to people… With this little arm that I stole from my son,” he says, holding the toy hand.

Ramirez says he had the supplies because he’s an aspiring coffee house owner and has been taking classes. He saw an opportunity to get some practice, and give out much-needed “pick-me-ups” when cafes had to close.

What an amazing act of kindness by this aspiring barista, we can also think of something to do for our community at this point of crisis and be a blessing to others.


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