10-Year-Old Girl Donates More Than 200 Gift Cards To Police Officers

As the economy takes a beating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people including police officers are facing a loss of pay due to the crisis.

A 10-year-old girl is trying to help out some local police officers in Chesterfield when she heard that they were going to lose some pay.


Hannah Imig, a fifth-grader at Babler Elementary, told her mom that she wanted to donate some of her savings to help them and also decided to create a fundraiser to buy gift cards for the officers.

She shared a handwritten letter on her mom’s Facebook page, asking for donations. “Police officers are very important people, right? They protect us even when it’s dangerous. They sacrifice themselves for strangers! Now that’s empathetic,” the letter said.


The Chesterfield Police Department said she collected $2,400 in just a day and a half.

“She then went a step further in her kindness and used that money to purchase gift cards from several local restaurants and businesses in the area, helping all of them during these tough financial times as well,” The Chesterfield Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Imig and her family presented the department with 232 gift cards to distribute among the officers and the department said that it’s enough for each officer and civilian police employee to have two gift cards each.


“We can’t even begin to put into words how grateful we are to Hannah and even more so, what a special, thoughtful person she is! So we’ll end the post with how it started:

“A little kindness can change the world”. You did just that Hannah! Thank you,” the department wrote on Facebook.


If a 10-year-old girl can go above and beyond to show her appreciation and kindness to the police officers in Chesterfield. Then how much more can we do for the community and the needy around us?


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