Woman Can’t Contain Her Joy As She Rings Bells To Announce She Is Cancer Free

Breast cancer cases are increasing among women in our country, with African-origin women being 20% to 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than Caucasian women.

So when breast cancer survivor Lakesha Ball decided to ring a bell to testify she was cancer-free, it was a huge blow to the deadly disease and an acknowledgment to the power of God.

Ball says, “These crosses, you’ll probably see me with them every day because he did it for me,” Ball said. “He did it for me.”

Originally from Columbia, Maryland, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2017, and in December she found another lump and was disappointed about it.

She went through painful radiation, partial mastectomy, and 3 rounds of chemotherapy at the University of Maryland Proton Center, but she says that she was able to endure it as the Lord was with her. She says that it was God who made available for her a talented team of doctors and supportive friends and family to help her go through it all.

Ball says, “I never got discouraged, never sad, I walked with God the whole way, prayed the whole time.”

So on March 11, she rang the bell at the Proton Center, to declare to the world that she was finally cancer free. She says, “When it came time for me to ring the bell, I got there super early,” she said. “I was super excited. My whole family was there. I was determined to ring that bell, I almost pulled that bell off the wall!”

Ball reached to ring the bell and thanked God for healing her body with her audience cheering and screaming she rang the bell with unabashed joy which could not be contained.

She says, “All that pain, that agony — everything I’ve been through, I released on that bell when I rang it,” she said. “When I walked out of that clinic that day, I am free, that’s all I can say. I am free.”

Ball is on a new journey now, she wants to become a breast cancer advocate, to help other women fight their own battle with cancer bravely like she did.