Two Friends Help Tired Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walk

A heartwarming video of a boy with cerebral palsy being helped by friends at the water park is melting hearts on social media.


When 6-year-old, Jeffrey Macker’s muscles began to tighten at the water park, his friends jumped to the rescue. He was born with cerebral palsy and has a problem with tightening of the muscles, so one day when he was at the water park, when his legs became stiff and he couldn’t walk, but thanks to his two pals he was on his way.

The video shared by Mikaila Ryan, his older sister, shows his two friends running to help him. A little girl on his right helped him walk up a ramp, while a little boy on Jeffrey’s left holds his hand and then the three of them make their way to the slide.

Watch the sweet moment below.

Mikaila wrote, “One of the obstacles Jeffrey faces with cerebral palsy is that his muscles get tight making it hard for him to walk. Today at the water park he was having a hard time walking but, his friends pushed him to keep going and never left him behind.”

No wonder the video has garnered 7 million views with thousands of sweet comments left for Jeffrey. “It made me so happy that kids his age were able to see beyond a disability and just wanted to help their friend have fun.” Mikaila said. “Instead of running ahead of him to go on the water slides they made sure he wasn’t left behind.”

She said that whoever met her little brother is extremely supportive of him, and he has left a positive mark on many peoples lives. It’s so heartwarming to see young children willingly helping out their friends, this has inspired us to believe that this younger generation will surely help to make this world a much better place.


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