Doctors Said Baby Wouldn’t Live Past 30, But Mom’s Raising Awareness About His Condition

Children are often considered as precious and valuable gifts by their parents. Parents go to great extents to love and take care of their children.

A Parent’s love for their child can never be duplicated by anyone and is the purest and most unconditional type of love as is in the case of Sarah Schosser whose life goal is to ensure her son lives against all odds.

Sarah Schosser says, ‘It’s always on the forefront of my mind that my son will be lucky to make it to his 30s,’ she said. ‘But I want to raise awareness of his condition, so we can have hope.’


She is talking about her son who has a heart defect and has been through 7 heart caths, an open heart surgery, is coded, and is a very resilient child.

Greyson was diagnosed by doctors with a congenital heart defect in utero. His primary diagnosis was pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum and has a hypoplastic right heart.

Sarah Schosser says her pregnancy was very difficult and she had several panic attacks and she was grieving.

Greyson had an open heart surgery at age 3 months, doctors have given him a survival estimate of only around 30 years and then they would have to get a heart transplant.

Sarah says she is not content with that and wants him to live a long healthy life with his own heart. She wants him to have something that will make his current heart function longer and better so that he can fall in love and have children of his own.

Sarah Schosser wants to increase awareness and improve funding for research so that parents of kids having these conditions can have hope.


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