Friends Recognize Homeless Man As Old Classmate And Give Him Place To Live

A homeless man in Austin, Texas received an amazing outpouring of kindness from his friends in a heartwarming story.


For 66-year-old Coy Featherston, playing the guitar was a big part of his life as he spent most of his life playing it in bands.

Featherston attended the University of Texas in the 70s, but left after a few years. He worked at the Armadillo World Headquarters and toured as an equipment man with music legend Frank Zappa. “I never had so much fun in my life doing something I really enjoyed,” said Featherston. “How many people get the chance to travel or hear the music every day of someone as big as Frank Zappa?”

But after that was over, he worked different jobs and found himself alone in Atlanta with no work. “It hurt. It hurt real bad,” said Featherston.


Featherston then became homeless in the 90s for more than two decades. “It’s no fun on the streets … I wouldn’t want anyone to do this ever,” said Featherston. “I was ready for the worst.”

He then went to the Austin area and spent his days sleeping in the doorway of the St. Austin Catholic Church near UT’s campus where he was spotted by Leea Mechling, who said she knew him from middle school. “He was really outgoing and funny,” said Mechling.

Mechling heard from another old friend who too had seen Featherstone on the front page of a story at the Austin American-Statesman. “… letting me know that there was an article in the newspaper – he thought he saw Coy. So I got online and found it … and it was (Coy),” said Mechling. “I saw my friend and I just couldn’t leave him out there.”


The picture showed Coy Featherston pushing his belongings. Mechling drove around Austin every day till she found Featherston. “He was right there in front of the church feeding the pigeons,” said Mechling.

Featherston instantly recognized her and said that “She just walked up to me and said ‘Hi, Coy!'” said Featherston.

Mechling took Featherston to her home, where she informed other old friends about him and some of them came over immediately with new clothes and new shoes.


“The fact that he was in dire straits, really affected us,” said Don Vanderburg, who said Featherston was in a band with him years ago. “It’s like finding your brother on the street. You would bring them home and help them.”

Featherston has since moved in with Vanderburg and is staying there now for a month. A GoFundMe page started by another old friend, Patrick Judd, raised more than $25,000.
“Maintain connection with good friends because you’re gonna need ’em one day,” said Featherston.

Proverbs 18:24 “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

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