Bullied Teen Gets Heartwarming Surprise From Classmates At New School

Here is an inspiring story which is warming hearts all over the country.

Azzy Robinson, a 15-year-old bullied teen, got a touching surprise from his new classmates when he transferred schools.

Some years ago, Azzy was a victim of bullying, and it impacted him so much that according to his mom, he became very reclusive and would sleep all the time.

But now since he transferred to Lavergne High School in Tennessee, his peers have been treating him so much better.

They made him feel special and loved. Bullying is not what they believe in and they wanted Azzy to know that too. So, to make him feel welcome, they gave him a few gifts.

Azzy received a new pair of Nike sneakers and a few new clothes too from them. Seems like they all chipped in their own money to get the gifts for Azzy, and when he opened them, he was blown away.

“Those tears were pure joy,” Azzy explains. “Almost proud to be me, for once. Because they wanted to do something for me, like that.”

John 13:35 says, ‘By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another.’

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