8-Year-Old Girl’s Unbreakable Bond With Her Pet Duck Will Melt Your Heart

A cute story of an unbreakable bond between a little girl and her pet duck is going viral.

8-year-old Kylie Brown of Freeport, Maine takes her duck Snowflake, wherever she goes, and he really believes that Kylie is his mom and so does she, “I’m his mom,” Kylie said.

From the next day that the Browns brought Snowflake’s home, Kylie has noted the attachment the duck has for her. Kylie’s parents, Ashley and Mike, eventually put on a diaper for him so that he could become a house duck, as he refuses to leave Kylie alone.

“He goes everywhere that ducks are allowed and almost everywhere they’re not allowed. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a 2-year-old or a 4-year-old that wouldn’t leave home without its blankie. She would not leave home without her duck. And at that point, nothing is negotiable,” Mike said.

He even goes to the beach with her in summer and sledding in winter, he follows her to soccer practice, gone on sleepovers and dressed up as Olaf when playing trick or treating.

They have a special bond that no one can understand, “It’s special that I know that that’s the type of person she’s going to be,” Mike said.

Kylie has grown more motherly with time and now she has even taught Snowflake how to read, or at least not eat the words. She has also signed him up to be a therapy duck, teaching him the value of community service and puts him to bed like a good mother.

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