‘God Help Me’: Unspoken’s Powerful New Music Video

Unspoken’s latest music video, “God Help Me,” is a heartfelt prayer and plea for divine assistance. The song poignantly conveys the need for Jesus when life’s challenges become overwhelming and our hearts can’t bear the burden.


The lyrics express the singer’s feelings of being overwhelmed and at their wit’s end, but also their belief in Jesus’ faithfulness and ability to help them through their struggles:

When I’m at my end, tears pouring down
And I can’t see past what’s in front of me now
When it’s all too much for this heart to take
There’s one name I call, one prayer that I pray

God help me now
Feels like there’s no way out
But Jesus, You’re faithful and able
And You’ve never once let me down
God help me now

Regardless of the heartache and pain they experience, the singer acknowledges that no wound is too deep for God’s love to heal. When fear and doubt arise, they know where to turn for help:

No one else (No one else)
No one else (No one else)
Has the power that’s in Your name
Nowhere else (Nowhere else)
Nowhere else (Nowhere else)
Can I run to and be saved

The song’s message is one of faith and trust in God’s strength and support during difficult times, resonating with the words from Proverbs 18:10 (NLT): “The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.”


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