Young Man Breaks Out In Worship At School

A video of a young man seen breaking out into praise at school is blessing people all over the country.


The young man doesn’t seem to mind the crowds of students around him but is completely focused on praising the Lord. He is obviously thanking and praising God for something marvelous in his life.

Worship is an intimate form of praise where believers personalize their expression of God’s worth to themselves and others. All Christians should take time to honor God for who He is. We can learn from David in the Bible about he incorporated worship as part of his life.

The Bible commands us to worship the Lord, in the book of Psalms, believers are repeatedly told to magnify the Lord and in Revelations we can see that angels and other heavenly beings worship and honor God in heaven.

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Lenore Casswell
Lenore Casswell

Wow!! I was so impressed with this talented young man and loved his intense love for the Lord, may u never stop worshiping the Lord like u do. God Bless

Johnnie Iguess
Johnnie Iguess

Oh my, a young man who really seems to know God’s love. I have no doubt one day he will be singing professionally, I hope he keeps using that voice to praise God.. A great voice.

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