‘God Used Me’: Good Samaritan Helps Struggling Widow And Two Sons In Act Of Kindness

‘Tis the season to be kind and compassionate to those who need it and one Lafayette mother got some unexpected help from a complete stranger.

The mother-of-two had put out news that she needed help and a friend of hers received a message from an unknown stranger that he wanted to help. Her friends wanted to ensure that the two children would have a good Christmas after the passing of their dad recently.


Brittany Uceda spoke of Rachel Dutton as a person who would rarely ask for help, recently her husband Casey Dutton started having health issues due to his heart problems.

“Rachel is a very hard-working woman and her boys are very young,” Uceda said. She wants her friend Rachel Dutton and her sons to have a merry Christmas, their first without their dad-Casey, who died Oct 22, at the age of 30 due to congestive heart failure.

Casey loved his two sons, aged 2 and 5 and although he had struggles with his heart, he would make time for his boys. “Her and Casey lived life on their own,” Uceda said. “They took care of their own bills. They raised those boys by themselves. They rarely asked for help, which is why we wanted to do this.” Casey and Rachel were high school sweethearts and she said, she’s taking his death one day at a time.

While Uceda and two other friends planned to help Casey’s boys, Lindsay Adams, a single mother herself, shared messages on the Nextdoor app and asked people to donate toys and clothing for the boys. “I thought if there is any way I could impact this woman’s life for the positive and help her, I am totally down for that,” Adams said.

Rachel’s friends encouraged her to create a GoFundMe page where the money raised will go towards past-due funeral expenses for Casey and help with Rachel’s and the boys’ living expenses. They also set up an Amazon wish list.

What a big difference a stranger has made to their efforts, and the best part is that Lindsay Adams doesn’t even live in the same city as Rachel and her sons. Uceda said, “I don’t know Lindsay. We’ve been talking over the past week but I feel like that’s not new for her.” Adams said, “How do you explain to a 2- and 5-year-old that daddy’s not coming home?” Adams said. “The vast majority of this has been God and he just used me to get this out.”

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