Good Samaritans Save Two people And Their Dog From Sinking Car

It was nothing short of a miracle when bystanders joined rescue workers and jumped into the water to save 2 people and a dog from a sinking car.

Eyewitnesses said the car driver had accidentally crashed through the guardrail at the marina in Long Beach, in California.

The video of the rescuers saving the passengers was captured on video by Jeff Jones, who is a captain with a boat-towing service at the marina.

He says that he heard a loud noise and turned around, and saw a car drive past him into the water, and says that he would have jumped in to save the people but as he had major surgery 10 days ago, he rushed to the long beach fire and lifeguard station for help.

The lifeguards and workers from the city’s fire department responded immediately and extricated the elderly couple and their dog from the sinking car.

The couple has been since taken to hospital and treated.

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