UPS Driver Left Heartbroken by a Note from His Longtime Four-Legged Friend

Sometimes, the simple joys of life are found in the most unexpected places. For John Keffer, a UPS driver in Pittsburgh, it was the wagging tails and eager eyes of the canine friends he met along his daily route. But one day, the routine joy turned into an unexpected moment of heartwarming connection when he received a parcel of milk bones and a note from the owners of Rosie, a dog he had befriended.

John’s days were peppered with delightful encounters with furry friends. To stay on the good side of these canine pals, John had a habit of carrying milk bones, “I started to bring them in my lunch also. It started out as a sandwich bag full, then a quart size bag full daily, and now I am up to a pocket full and a quart size bag daily,” John shares. It was during one of these regular deliveries that he came across Rosie. Their meeting was always marked with joyous barks and the exchange of treats.

However, the atmosphere was heavy with sorrow on the day John discovered a box of milk bones and a note instead of the usual greeting from Rosie. The note, laden with emotion, thanked John for his years of kindness and the joyful treats he brought for Rosie. It read: “She knew she would get a treat each time you came.” The note revealed the heartbreaking news that Rosie, 10 years old, had to be put down due to cancer and asked John to “continue making dogs happy when you deliver packages.”

The simplicity and the purity of this gesture moved John deeply. He shared, “When you deliver to someone once a week or every day, you get used to their ‘fur babies.’ Even though you may only see them for a moment, doesn’t mean that they don’t leave their paw prints on your heart.” John, expressing his genuine feelings, admitted to taking a break to shed a few tears after receiving the letter and gift.

The righteous care for the needs of their animals…” – Proverbs 12:10.

@wbane3 When you lose a pet on your route that you see everyday for years. It hits has hard as losing your own! Rest in peace Rosie! I will miss you! #fypシ #upsdriver #upsdogs #pets #xyzbca #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Wbane3

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