Curious Deer Listens Closely as Man Reads Shakespeare

In a humorous twist, a YouTube video shows a deer seemingly enjoying William Shakespeare’s works.

deer listens to shakespeare

The video features a man and a white-tailed deer. Before reading, the man asks the deer a question. The deer responds by stamping its foot and sighing, which the man interprets as bossiness.

As the man reads a Shakespearean sonnet, the deer listens, stepping forward. However, it soon sighs, possibly showing annoyance. The man pauses, noticing the deer’s reaction.

After finishing the reading, the man asks the deer for feedback. In a surprising and funny response, the deer nods its head, indicating approval.

This interaction highlights animals’ unique personalities and preferences. It humorously suggests that animals, like humans, can have distinct tastes in literature, from classic to contemporary.

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