Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has Epic Response To ‘God Put You In A Wheelchair’ Tweet

Texas governor, Greg Abbott, gave a graceful yet assertive reply to a tweet which said that God caused his disability.


Abbott was paralyzed in 1984 from the waist down after being struck by a falling tree while jogging.

He has been in a wheelchair since then and has gone through rehabilitative treatment.

Being a committed Christian he has openly spoken about his faith regularly and so when someone suggested that God was behind his disability, he responded with an epic answer.

It started when governor Abbott tweeted a video of a wheelchair-bound man scaling a climbing wall using only his upper body writing,

“Never quit,

Never give up,

Overcome any challenge.”

Someone replied writing, “So great to see but if I ever end up in a wheelchair I’m just ending it.”

Abbott wrote back with a faith-filled message of inspiration. “That’s what I thought before I ended up in a wheelchair,” he wrote. “I’ve done more AFTER the accident that left me paralyzed than before that accident. With God all things are possible.”


Soon things became sinister with another person writing, “God put you in a wheelchair Greg.”

To which Governor Abbott shot back saying, “God didn’t cause the accident that left me paralyzed, but He did help me persevere over that enormous challenge,” the governor declared. “I’m a testament that the glory of God is revealed by a young man’s back being broken in half and still rising up to be Governor of Texas. With God all is possible.”

What a great reply by governor Abbott, it is a testament to his faith and story of courage and determination. He did not take any praise from people but chose to glorify God in his life.