Grocery Bagger Gives Elderly Woman Money From Own Pocket To Pay For Her Groceries

A story of kindness coming out from Massachussetts, is winning the internet and we just love it.

Frederick is employed as a bagger at the Big Y World Class Market in Greenfield. He was bagging groceries for an elderly woman who was checking out, when he saw the lady didn’t have enough money to pay for her order.

An eye witness told the entire story to Big Y who tweeted the story, praising Frederick and how kind he was to the woman.

“While I was checking out I noticed an elderly lady in the next lane who didn’t have enough money to pay for her order,” the anonymous customer told Big Y. “The young gentleman who was bagging her groceries gave her $20 so she could pay for her order,” they continued. Big Y added, “WOW — great job Frederick!”

The young man showed that he has a heart of gold, God bless him beyond his wildest imaginations.

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