Little Girl Send ‘Happy Birthday’ Card To Daddy In Heaven And Receives Amazing Response

A 6-year-old girl sent a Birthday Card to her daddy in heaven, and even got back a reply.


UK resident, Hollie Morgan, wanted to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to her late father in heaven, so she posted a handmade card to him. And the post office made sure the little girl’s day was made with a reply.

Hollie’s dad, Nigel Morgan, would have turned 47, but the veteran who served in the Royal Logistics Corps in Northern Ireland, died because of bronchial pneumonia last year.


But still little Hollie wanted to send her dad a letter, “She always talks about her dad and the things they did together and the games they played with each other,” Hollie’s mom, Laura, said. “Despite her age, she understands what’s happened and is very resilient about it all.”

She made her own birthday card and Laura and Hollie took it to their post office, the Royal Mail. “She wrote it out and put ‘to dad in heaven’ on the envelope before we took it to the post office,” Laura explained. “The postmaster said it needed a special stamp because it was going to heaven and told Hollie that she needed to write her address on the back.”


A little bit later, Laura found a letter for Hollie in their mail box. “She opened it and asked me to read it,” Laura said. “She was so happy about it. It was wonderful.”

The note was from the Royal Mail and they wanted to let Hollie know that the card was safely delivered, after “avoiding stars and other galactic objects en route to heaven”.


“She was so happy when she received the reply,” Laura said. “I’m just so grateful to Royal Mail for replying. It made Hollie’s day and was such a nice thing to do, so whoever sent it, thank you so much.”

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