Children’s Choir Singing Cover Of ‘What Faith Can Do’ Is Simply Beautiful

The Harmony Chorus co-founded by Sandra Oberoi in Bangalore, India is a real treat to watch.

Their awesome cover of ‘What Faith Can Do’ reminds us that we should never get discouraged no matter what the situation we are faced with in life.

The clip features school kids encouraging one another at school and lifting up each other’s spirits when faced with social media abuse. This is a totally different concept and we just love Harmony Chorus.

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  1. Beautiful voices. I can be encouraged knowing these youngsters are going to be taking important positions in our country.

  2. These children do a remarkable job. They have very. pretty voices and sing together, really well. Will enjoy seeing more of their videos.

  3. Beautiful voices and harmony! Congratulations to you, children! You did a great job!
    Continue to believe that “miracles can happen”, “silent prayers get answered” and “broken lives become brand new” through faith in Jesus.

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