‘All Glory to God’: Chiefs’ Harrison Butker Shares Powerful Message On Faith After Super Bowl Win

After hitting the winning field goal that secured Kansas City Chiefs, 38-35 win in Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles. Harrison Butker, the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs is giving all the praise and glory to God.


The kicker was quick to point out that the success was the result of the team’s effort and that he was fortunate to be at the Super Bowl for the third time in four years, which he counts as a ‘blessing’. He also was resolute about putting first things first and that for him is, ‘God’.

“You miss some kicks and you realize, ‘OK my identity can’t be all as a football player.’ So I grew a lot in my prayer life knowing I’m nothing without Him and I gotta lean on Him,” he said.

For Butker, his Christian faith is the most important thing, and said, “If I didn’t have faith in God, I don’t think I’d be the father I am, the husband I am, the kicker I am. That kind of sets a tone for everything else…that gives me the strength to go do everything I need to.”

Butker is a shining example of being a light to the world. Pointing others to Jesus through his life and achievements. His identity is buried and locked on Jesus Christ. We are truly grateful to God and give praise to Him along with Butker in this win.

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