5 Ways You Can Hear The Voice Of God Regularly

We need the guidance of God every day in our lives and the good news is that we can surely hear His voice regularly because He is speaking to His people all the time.


Most people want to seek God only when they’re going through a crisis or have to take a big decision. As they are not tuned to daily listening to God, they get confused and don’t know if the voice they are hearing is God’s or their own.

The truth is that God wants all of us to hear His voice regularly and it is possible to do so. But there are no gimmicks for hearing from God, all you need to do is develop a relationship with Him that will help you hear Him speak regularly.

Here are 5 ways you can hear the voice of God regularly:

1. Develop a close relationship with God

When we spend quality time with friends and relatives we understand them better and hear regularly from them. This works the same way with God too. When we pray and read the word of God and talk to Him about everything going on in our lives, He too will respond to us and guide us.

2. Reflect on why you want to hear from Him

Check your motives on why you want to hear from God. Is it because you’re facing challenges and now suddenly need His guidance or because you want to honor Him in all you do and put Him first in your life.

Confess and repent of every wrong thing you have done and come back to God. Ask Him to help you hear His voice and faithfully do what He tells you to do.

3. Grow spiritually every day

Apart from gaining wisdom and guidance from God, you must aim to build up your spiritual walk with Him daily. Spend time reading His word and meditating on it daily, alone and along with your family. The word of God is the message of God for our lives and reading it daily will help you clearly hear what God has to say to you.

4. Stay humble and be faithful to God

Gid is willing to speak to anyone who is willing to hear from Him. The Bible tells us of shown He spoke to the Prophet Samuel and told Him marvelous and wonderful things. He was searching for someone to hear His voice and found a humble soul like Samuel.

God loves and values you as much as He did to Samuel but stay away from pride and always be humble in order to faithfully receive and respond to Him.

5. Don’t force God to speak to you

Sometimes you may be wanting to hear a word from God and may not hear anything from Him. That is because God chooses when He wants to speak to people. We have to be respectful towards Him and wait for His timing to tell us what’s on His heart.

If you don’t hear Him speak to you, you can also search the scriptures, and if it’s something related to what you’re considering then go ahead and make your own decision within God’s will.