This Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Heavens Hallelujah’ Will Have You Saying Amen

Stephanie Madsen sings a beautiful rendition of ‘Heavens Hallelujah.’


The lyrics of the song are moving and touch our hearts this precious season of Christmas with this new version of the original Hallelujah song.

I saw you walking by real slow
Your head was down, your hands hung low
Oh life just has a way of getting to you
Well there is one who knows your fears
He’s felt your pain, He’s cried your tears
Your tears of such a broken hallelujah

Garth Smith on the piano is a real treat to listen to, and provides Madsen with the perfect music arrangement needed for the song.

If you look up to heaven above
The earth below all things thereof
A sweet spirit will whisper softly through you
You wake, you eat, you sleep, you dream
Yet there is something in between
That calls you to a hopeful Hallelujah

Stephanie Madsen is blessed with a beautiful vocal range and does complete justice to the song. Our day is much brighter after listening to this beautiful song today.

Brighten Your Day :)

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