Teen Football Player Hears The National Anthem, Stops To Honor His Country

Coleman Yates was in the school’s parking lot when he heard the National Anthem’s chords being played and he left what he was doing to honor it and a photo of him is breaking the internet.


The Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key during The War Of 1812 after British forces bombed Fort McHenry, the US fought and won the battle when he saw the American flag flying over the fort the next morning, he wrote the iconic tune.

Act of Patriotism

Whenever the chords of the National Anthem play, we stand at attention with hand over heart and when Coleman Yates did the same to honor the flag, it was so inspiring. The young teen had just finished varsity football practice at high school and was on his way to his truck in the parking lot to head home.

He must have been exhausted and could easily just relax in his truck instead of honoring the flag, but the youngster got out of his vehicle and stood there with his hand over his heart, honoring the flag, and our country which was captured by Bill Floyd who couldn’t resist taking a picture of Coleman’s act of patriotism.

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Posted by WIS TV on Friday, October 23, 2020

“Your Grandaddy Sonny would be proud Coleman Yates,” the man wrote on Facebook. “I know I was!!” Soon the picture got viral after being shared by media outlets across the country.


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