Homecoming Soldier’s Sweet Surprise For Daughters At School

A military reunion video doing the rounds and winning many likes is of Master Sergeant Darran Tatum and his cute family.

He has been on deployment since a year in Korea, and was visited by his family back in June, but his two daughters Dana and Jasmine did not know that he had returned early and was waiting for them in their school.

“They actually have doctors appointments today so they already know they’re getting out early, they just don’t know that I’m here to get them out early,” said MSG Tatum.

Master Sgt. Tatum made a quick plan of action with his wife Melissa Tatum and the school officials, the Fort Polk soldier got in position just around the corner of a hallway.

His daughters were shocked to see him and burst into tears when they realized he was home for good. He said he missed everything about his family.

“Just doing the different activities with them (daughters) during the school year like being with them in the band and all the different activities that they do. Not being a part of that is kind of rough,” MSG Tatum said.

The girls are super excited now that their dad is back and have a lot of things planned to do with him.

“There’s swimming, fishing, trips,” said Jasmine, counting on her hand. “And vacations when he’s available. Whenever I have school projects mine always stands out because of him.”

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