Woman Accidentally Put Engagement Ring In a Homeless Man’s Cup And What Happened Next Will Move You!

Billy Ray Harris, a 55-year-old was a homeless man until Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her $4000 diamond ring into his cup while giving some change. But Sarah found only after an hour that her precious engagement ring was lost. Instead of selling the expensive ring to make the life better, the homeless man hold onto it. After two days, Sarah met the homeless man at the same spot where the pair first met. She had no hope that Billy Ray would give her ring back, but he did. But the story didn’t end there, Sarah and her husband launched a crowd-funding campaign and raised nearly $200,000 for Billy Ray and helped him reunite with his family. Now Billy Ray is no longer homeless. He showed a simple honesty to a stranger and the kind-hearted woman changed his live for ever.


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