‘How Beautiful Heaven Must Be’ Touching Cover By Gaither Vocal Band

Christian hymns have been and will always be a source of inspiration to all of us.

Today we are listening to The Gaither band’s live recording of the hymn about heaven, ‘How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.’


The song expresses the beauty of this eternal home where death and shall cease and the Lamb is the light.

We read of a place that’s called heaven,
It’s made for the pure and the free;
These truths in God’s word He has given,
How beautiful heaven must be.

The song was written by Mrs. A. S. (Cordie) Bridgewater. She was born in North Carolina and married A. Samuel Bridgewater from Tennessee. They lived near Hanceville, AL, from 1909 to 1917, where he farmed and that’s where apparently she wrote the words of ‘How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.’

How beautiful heaven must be
Sweet home of the happy and free;
Fair haven of rest for the weary,
How beautiful heaven must be.

What a wonderful home heaven is- a place without pain or tears.


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